In 2004 evolution took a giant leap forward....

Fueled by cheap booze, easy women, and an insatiable thirst for adrenaline; EMR is poised for world domination! Click here to read more about the beginning of the revolution!

Finally having realized the infinite wisdom of the monkey, Chicagolandsportbikes has dedicated a column to monkey genius.

Latest Advice:
"Dear EMR, Donde es mi pantelones... "

"Sex on wheels!" A phrase commonly used to describe the Evil Monkey Racing team hauler. Don't be shy ladies, feel free to invite yourself in for a soak in the onboard hot tub, or perhaps you'd like to test your skills on the stripper pole. Good Times!!

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EMR to attend the RedBull MotoGP at Indianapolis

Moto178 sans streetbike had to "make do" and qualify for the 250cc class on his 1998 Honda CR 250. "Of course, I slid the fork tubes up to compensate." claimed the Evil Monkey. If you're looking to find him on the starting grid... "I'll be gridding up next to the Jack Daniels booth"

EMR charter member Pirate is found!!

After years of walking the earth in search of understanding and self purity, Pirate was discovered in a local Hooters restaurant. When asked what his search had revealed he responded "The Hooters in Schaumburg is way better than the one in Downers Grove ...if you know what I mean." We do, Pirate, ...we do.

Underdog finds new and interesting ways to crash fiddies dirt bikes

In an exciting comeback effort. Underdog remounted the steel steeds, albeit in the dirt this time around. His outing was valiant, fearless, and painful. His broken hand should be healed any day now.

EMR discusses quantum physics and the Large Hadron Collider

Being well versed in the theories of quantum physics, the Evil Monkeys recently shared their thoughts on the controversial subject of CERN's LHC being switched on in the near future. "We're all for it. In fact, we're hoping to be first in line to ride it." When asked if they were excited that this could make advancements in science proving the theory that humans evolved from monkeys, they stated "Wait ...we thought this was like a mega sized version of the "Spinning Ride of Death" at the state fair. What the hell is a Higgs Boson?"

EMR Weddings

It's rumored at least 2 of the 5 members of EMR have gotten married since the last site update. Sorry ladies.

EMR and Hef

November was an exciting month for EMR as the team was invited, and attended, a party at the Playboy mansion. To answer the obvious question, "yes, Scott Baio was there."

Coming Soon...

As cold weather decends on Chicagoland pitbike fun is the order of the day. Look for a gallery soon with highlights.


EMR is still waiting for the pictures to be developed from the Daytona testing. While EMR member Moto178 turned a track best 198mph the record keeper claimes to have "lost" this information.

Two in the pink...

Yes, it's true. Since the beginning of EMR we agreed that we would do our best to "shock the world", so it was only natural for us to designate the sign of the shocker as the EMR signal of respect.